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It's Time For A Prompt

If you have seen my recent video on YouTube about reading and writing with aphantasia, you'll know that I lean heavily on photo inspiration for my writing. So, plan on seeing a lot of photographic inspiration here on the blog. It's been slow going getting responses to these prompts, but I really hope this one inspires you!

For this prompt, I really want to inspire you to lean on your senses and sensory descriptions. Imagine you don't have a sense available to you anymore, or you have a heightened sense that you can explore. Playing with senses can unsettle a reader and set the tone for a piece. I cannot wait to see what you come up with, whether playing with senses in your writing or using this photograph as inspiration.

Remember, you can comment your finished work here on the blog or respond to the email I send with the same prompt. You can sign up for that here.

Happy Writing!

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“Focus, Sam!” I scold myself internally as I try to gather information.

Unsurprisingly the first thing I notice is the musty scent of the bay. If I was anywhere else on the island the air would be fresh, crisp and salty as it ruffled my short hair. It’s brushing my face and I fight the urge to lift a hand and tuck it behind my ear. Instead, I breathe deeply of the marshy air and curse inwardly.

“You idiot, that’s a hint!” I say to myself.

My hair is being blown into my face which means that my back is to the water, the breeze off of it hitting my back and swirling around my head. It also means that…
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