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Julie's Links

Using these links help me and cost you nothing!

You can find more really cool indie authors, by genre, at the Indie Book Vault. You'll find me there listed in the Romance genre. 

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Scrivener is my go to drafting tool. I have used it to draft all my novels. If you are interested in using it yourself, use This Link! 

And if you want some tips & tricks using Scrivener, click here

When publishing my novellas, or formatting my ebooks for personal sale through my website, I only use Vellum. This is an author friendly way to format your own books for all platforms. 
Use this link for a one time purchase.

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When I stream my writing sprints, chat with friends, or record live videos for my YouTube channel, it's only with StreamYard. If you're interested in an advanced plan with limitless streaming, use this link

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