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A Curse in Ash.heic

A Curse in Ash

With a diverse cast of characters and no shortage of danger or romance, the explosive world of A Curse in Ash, the first in an adult contemporary fantasy series, will leave you breathless for more.


A Prophecy in Ash

The second of the In Ash series brings you back into a world of magic, Fae, witches, and high stakes. Aisling, Riordan, and Brynach need to prepare for the battle of a lifetime or risk losing themselves entirely. They're ready for the fight, are you?


I am available for, and interested in, any author events you may be hosting. This is also where you can find retail ordering details and contact information. 

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Interested in buying multiple copies of my book for book clubs, author events, or bookstore shelving? I'm happy to offer discounts! 

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