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Praise for 
A Prophecy in Ash

This book was EVERYTHING I wanted in book two now I need book three. So many questions answered yet so many await in book three. I loved so many things about this book and I can't wait to see where the story goes. The character development in this one is chef's kiss. ~ Shanairy

I’m not at all surprised by how much I loved A Prophecy in Ash! Julie’s writing is so addicting. It was easy to get lost between the pages of this gorgeous book. With incredible world building, an engaging plot, lovable characters, and a swoon worthy polyamory romance, this series is a must read! ~Sadie

"This sequel is intense. The stakes are higher, emotions are a roller coaster, and the spice level ramps right up. If you like magic, court politics, guessing how prophecies will unravel, or throuples, you will be very happy your continued reading this enchanting series. ~ Kathy Trithardt

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Praise for 
A Curse in Ash

"Whether you read a lot of fae books, or this is your first dip into the Seelie and Unseelie courts, this was one of the best and clearest descriptions of how fae worlds works. AND THE SPICE! Put on your pearls because you will be clutching them!"

Chelsea Palmer

"The next time anyone asks me for a fantasy romance book, I am going to recommend this one! It is a fast-paced, swoon-worthy, addictive, and positively queer."

Madison Mary

"This book is beautifully diverse and filled with loving connections. The friendships that make up Aisling’s circle are some of the best I’ve seen on paper. They check on each other and at times check each other if they step out of line. They’re healthy and exactly what we all look for in our friend groups."


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