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1. Do your books have content/trigger warnings?
Yes, they do. My novels are adult and as such contain some harder topics. The content guide for each book is listed on their individual book pages

2. Are your books suitable for young readers?
Nope, they are not. As adult novels, they have adult themes and quite a bit of spice. Like, they're SPICY!

3. How do I get signed copies of your books?
So happy you asked! You can get signed copies of either of my books by going to Main Point Books and filling out the order comments section at the end of checkout. 

4. Are you available for author events, conventions, or signings?
I sure am! I would love to attend any local author events, panels, signings, or more. You can reach out to me on my contact page or at juliezeeauthor(at) 

5. Are you available to blurb or endorse my book?
I don't have a ton of time for reading, but I love helping fellow authors. If you're interested in having me read and blurb or endorse your book, please email me (juliezeeauthor(at) the title, a synopsis, the genre and age range, page count, and link to Amazon/Goodreads. I will let you know if I have time on a book by book basis.

6. What rights are available for your books?
Look, this is something that I've seen on other author FAQ and I'm just not cool enough to be like...oh, contact my agent for worldwide, foreign, audio, film, etc rights. I mean, feel free to email me, though! 

7. Where else can I find you? 
Only the coolest of places! You can find me on YouTube at PagesandPens where I talk about books, my writing and publishing process, and host writing sprints every Sunday at 8pm EST. I'm on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok as @according2jewls. I can also be found on YouTube at The Writer's Hive with my author friends discussing all things author related. 

8. Where can I find more cool indie authors? 
So happy you asked! You can find more really cool indie authors, by genre, at the Indie Book Vault. You'll find me there listed in the Romance genre. 


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