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Several Open Books

Tips & Tricks For Writers

Productivity Sprints

I run sprints to help writers stay on track. Join me, even after the stream by clicking to watch & comment your progress. 

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I  love using writing prompts to break through writer's block, provide inspiration, or hone your craft. 

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Writer's Notebook

Everyone structures their notebooks or novel planning differently. 

Click to See My Notebooks!

Breaking Down Rejection Letters

In this video I go over the different rejection letters, with examples, and dissect what you can (and should) take from them.

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Other Resources

* The Writer's Hive Video Playlist: In this video series I break down the writing, editing, and publishing process alongside authors and writers Katlyn Duncan and Amber McManus.


* When Can You Call Yourself an Author: This podcast with other writer friends discusses when & why you can call yourself an author. 

* Getting to Know Your Characters: This podcast discusses the ways authors can get to know their characters. 

* Is Writer's Block Real:  This podcast covers what writer's block really is & how we can overcome it. 

* How I Edit: There is no "right" way to attack edits and my strategy has adapted since filming this, but it may offer some insight. 

* Books On Writing: New books on craft come out all the time, here are some old faves. 

* More Books on Writing: In this video I talk about new books on writing I've found and how my editing process has changed.  

Author Bios I Love: find inspiration for your own author biography.

* Highlight's Writing Retreat: There's nothing like a writing retreat for word count and inspiration. See how my retreat at Highlight's went. 

* Writing Q&A Part 1: A writer friend and I tackle your questions on writing. 

* Writing Q&A Part 2: A writer friend and I tackle your questions on writing but part two. 

* NaNoWriMo Vlogs: get motivated and see how I navigate the hectic month.

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