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Helping You Reach Your Goals

Who is the coaching for?

Have you wanted to be more efficient and streamline your writing process?

Are you looking for someone to keep you on track and pointed in the right direction? Whether it's the plotting, drafting, editing, publishing, or marketing sphere, it's hard to know which steps to take or what to prioritize. Have you ever wished someone was there to help you along the way so you can avoid author pitfalls? Then accountability coaching might be right for you. 



A Results-Driven Method

  • Get help setting goals​

  • Be held to weekly tasks

  • Get access to my tips & tricks for success

  • Help overcoming stumbling blocks

  • Increase productivity

  • Focus on what's important & prioritize tasks

  • Find the best steps toward your dreams

Why Me?

I have over eight years of experience encouraging the productivity and goals of others. Whether it was as Editor-in-Chief of a magazine with interns and staff meeting deadlines, or as an author myself. I'm used to setting goals and crushing them. I have helped people find their passion, start careers, and succeed in new and exciting areas of their life.

As an author with a full-time job, I've become a pro at finding timesaving methods, creating schedules and pockets of time for my craft, and want to pass that knowledge on to you. I have inside knowledge of the plotting, drafting, editing, publishing, and marketing realms of authorship. I want to use what I've learned to help you reach your goals.

As an educator, I am adept at finding the right methods for individuals and pinpointing what motivates people. There is more than one way to write a book, but no matter how you do it, I can help you do it more effectively. 

I have built a community around encouraging writers, and I'm excited to work with more dedicated writers to further their careers or passions. 

Let me help you work smarter, not harder.

The Next Step

I am only taking a few clients at a time. If you are committed to taking the next step in making your dream a reality, I want to hear from you.


Fill out the form below and tell me a few of things you'd like to work on and at least two times in the next week that you can schedule a quick 10-20 minute call to discuss potentially working together. 


Let's Get Started

Congrats on Taking the First Step!

Computer Keyboard

$65 a month

Bronze Rockstar

With this tier you will get one 45 minute one-on-one consult and goal setting session (per month) as well as one end of the month accountability check-in. You'll be added to my Go Getter Discord Group and will have access to a private Streamyard where I will host client only productivity sprints.

Two Pens

Silver Superstar

With this tier you will get one 45 minute one-on-one consult and goal setting session (per month) as well as bi-weekly accountability check-ins.

*And everything from prior tiers!*

Design Book



$100 a month

Gold Award Winner

With this tier, you will get one 45 minute consult and goal setting session (per month) as well as weekly check-in. The final check-in of the month will be a group session where you'll get 10 minutes to ask a specific question and also learn from others and their questions. Plus, this is a fantastic opportunity to network with other writers serious about their craft.

*And everything from prior tiers!*


$80 a month



Lexi Cheney

I recently went back to school after many years, and have been using your productivity sprint playlist to do homework. I appreciate the fun breaks and the sprints really help keep my focus. Before I used these, I was very scattered. Thank you for these!!!

Amber McManus

I have been working with Julie for over five years and I can honestly say that if not for her accountability coaching, I would have given up years ago. Not only am I more productive more often but having someone there keeping me accountable has helped me become a better writer. I struggled for years to get past the first draft, but Julie encouraged me to continue pushing forward. Now, I'm almost ready to finally share my work with others. 

Your Name Here
Be My Next Success Story

You could be the next person I help work toward their goals! 

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