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About Me

Writer and Author, Julie Zantopoulos

Julie is the author of the adult fantasy romance In Ash series. 

Book 1: A Curse in Ash

Book 2: A Prophecy in Ash

Book 3: A Destiny in Ash

She grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs and now resides in Central Pennsylvania where she can view the mountains from her library window as she writes, which is perfect, because mountains have always held magic for her.


Julie graduated from Cabrini University with a degree in psychology. She prides herself on strong character building and relationship work as a result of her fascination with the connections people make. Her love of reading started before kindergarten, and she remains an avid reader, but writing is her true passion.


She's built a fantastic bookish community on YouTube where she discuss her love of writing and passion for reading with 10,000 followers. She is active on Instagram and Twitter, in love with TheStoryGraph (a Goodreads alternative), and mainly scrolls through TikTok instead of posting. Julie is quasi addicted to gummibears, loves tea (and has never tried coffee), and will drop everything for a fantastically ill produced SyFy channel movie. 

She publishes under Julie Zantopoulos for her fantasy novels and hopes to publish contemporary romance through the name Julie Zee. The website is spelled as such for the ease of not typing a Greek last name. *you're welcome!

Praise for A Curse in Ash


"This is the adult, SPICY, Fae, witchy, polyamorous, romance, action flick, rom com book we've all been waiting for. We see some of the tropes this genre is known for, and yet done in a really healthy way. 

And a bad bitch can get behind that. I'm the bad bitch in this scenario, if that wasn't clear."

~Jessica Williamson

"Some characters you will love, some you will love to hate, but they will all wriggle down in your heart one way or another. Don't sleep on this contemporary fantasy."

~Ali Worsham




"It's fast-paced, swoon-worthy, addictive, and positively queer." 

~Madison Mary

"I haven't been sucked into a book in a while. Whether you read a lot of Fae books or this is your first dip into the Seelie and Unseelie courts, this was one of the best and clearest descriptions of how the fae world works."

~Chelsea Palmer

"This book was beautifully diverse and filled with loving connections."

~Lilly (Lair of Books)

"This was a light and fun read. We need more contemporary fantasy out there." 


"This book was amazing. The plot kept me turning pages and wanting more. A must read for sure!"


"It's sex positive, and the respect comes across on the page clearly. I loved the intimacy within the relationships. I was engaged from the first page to the last!"

~Amy McDougal

Several Open Books

©2021 by Julie Zantopoulos

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