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About Me

Writer and Author, Julie Zantopoulos

Julie is the author of the upcoming adult contemporary fantasy, A Curse in Ash, out 10/5/21.

She grew up, and remains, in southeast Pennsylvania and is a proud Delaware county resident. Which means, Wawa is better than Sheetz and the Flyers are far superior to the Penguins (so long as you don't count actual Stanley Cups).


Julie graduated from Cabrini University with a degree in psychology. There is no time she doesn't remember writing but her love for sharing it came to light when she co-ran a successful online women's magazine. As Editor-in-Chief she worked with over three hundred writers and interns, all while writing content.


Since that business sold, she's built a fantastic bookish community on YouTube where she discuss her love of writing and passion for reading with nearly 11,000 followers. She is active on Instagram and Twitter, in love with TheStoryGraph (a Goodreads alternative), and works full time as a nanny. Julie is quasi addicted to gummibears, loves tea (and has never tried coffee), and will drop everything for a fantastically ill produced SyFy channel movie. 

She publishes under Julie Zantopoulos for her fantasy novels and hopes to publish women's fiction through the name Julie Zee. The website is spelled as such for the ease of not typing a Greek last name. *you're welcome!


Praise for Shoot Down the Wendy Bird

"This is the first collection of short stories I've ever read and I absolutely loved it! Julie creates such depth in the plots and characters and really stirs your emotions in just a few short paragraphs. Sometimes just a few, short lines. I find myself wishing a few of these short stories weren't so short, they seem like they'd be amazing as a full size novel...but then might they lose their allure?? Such a catch 22."

Justine (Amazon Review)

“Most of the previous short stories I have read are either not enough for me to get the least bit invested in the story, or they just start to interest me and then are done, leaving me unsatisfied. This collection was neither of those things. It truly felt like I was a fly on the wall, seeing small snippets of people's lives. Some stories were just a few moments out of one day in a person's life, others covered much longer spans of time. I really loved the writing and ALL of them had me interested/invested within a few sentences. While I want to know more, I do not feel unsatisfied with how any of the stories ended."

Shannon (Amazon Review)

“I really loved this. I found so much I could relate to and those parts felt really authentically portrayed. Julie can write from the perspectives of men, women and children and each voice feels very unique. I can't wait to read anything else she writes."

Sam (Goodreads Review)